I'll be having a Spring 2018 CSA this year - First pickup is 18 FEB and runs for 12 weeks through to 13 May.  Pickups are on Sundays, run from 11 AM till 3 PM.  I'll add the seed list next, but you can order now in the Store Section [just click and go] .  To see more, click this article title.. 

Seeds 2018
Hansel Eggplant
Gretel Eggplant
La Bomba Jalepeno Pepper
Aji Rico Pepper
Midnight Snack Tomato
Red Candy Cane VF Pepper
VF Squash, Easypick II
Mad Hatter VF Pepper
Habanero Pepper
Oregon Pea Sugar Pod II
Hungarian Wax Pepper
Sunbright Golden Bell Pepper
Red Bell Pepper
Sandia A Pepper
Cayenne Long Slim Pepper
Tabasco Pepper
Banana Pepper
Marconi Red Pepper
Poblano Pepper
Serrano Pepper
Jamaica Red Pepper
Classic Italian Basil
Blistered Lettuce Leaf Basil
Seven Top Turnip
Hollow Crown Parsnip
Hamburg Rooted Parsley
Red Cherry Tomato Gardnener's Delight
Yellow Pear Tomato
Purple Top White Globe Turnip
Italian Flat Leaf Parsely
Thai Dragon Pepper
Fresno Chili Pepper
Vienna Early White Kohlrabi
Santa Fe Grande Pepper
Afghan Sesame
Lemon Grass
Green Wave Mustard Greens
Bloomsdale Longstanding Spinach
Cherokee Purple Tomato
Black Krim Tomato
Dwarf Blue Curled Kale
Tendersweet Carrot
Scarlot Nantes Carrot
Thomb Thumb Lettuce
Salad Bowl Red Lettuce
Marvel of Four Seasons Lettuce
Lolla Rossa Lettuce
Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce
ButterCrunch Lettuce
Bibb Lettuce

Avon Spinach
Black Beauty Eggplant
Jubilee Tomato
Fennel Gigante Di Napoli
Cherokee Wax Garden Bean
Green Goliath Broccoli
Waltham Heirloom Butternut Squash
Early Prolific Straightneck Squash
Gold Rush Hybrid Squash
Long Island Mammoth Dill
Tendergreen Heirloom Mustard Greens
Heirloom Baby Bok Choy
Long Island Improved Brussels Sprouts
Black Beauty Squash
Heirloom Winter Thyme
Heirloom Russian Tarragon
Heirloom Perilla Green Shiso
Broadleaf Sage
Kabocha Squash
Heirloom Caraway
Heirloom Thai Siam Queen Basil
Heirloom White Lisbon Onion
Heirloom Walla Walla Sweet Onion
Heirloom German Chamomile
Heirloom French Rosemary
Tatsoi Mustard Greens
White Sweet Spanish Onion
Heirloom White Lisbon Onion